Best answer: Can I hire a car in Spain without a credit card?

Can you hire a car in Spain without a credit card?

If you don’t have a credit card that you can use for your car hire in Spain, many of our suppliers will accept debit card payment, though conditions always apply. Normally it will be necessary to take out the extra cover that the company offers, and sometimes a deposit will also be required.

What documents do you need to rent a car in Spain?

To rent a car in Spain, you need to be over the age of 21 and have a valid driver’s license, a passport and a major credit card. The law in Spain requires non-EU driver’s license holders to posses an International Driver’s Permit, which you can obtain through AAA.

Can you rent a car without credit card?

Most of the major rental car companies allow you to book and pay for your rental car without a credit card. Accepted payment methods include debit cards, while a few will allow cash and money orders for payment.

How do I open a credit card account?

How to open a credit card

  1. Your name.
  2. Address.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Social Security number.
  5. Employment information (employer name and income)
  6. Monthly mortgage or rent payments.
  7. Whether or not you have a checking or savings account.
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Is renting a car in Spain a good idea?

Renting a car in Spain will never be the cheapest option for transportation, but it might be the most convenient. … If your Spain itinerary only hits the country’s big cities, renting a car is not a good idea. For a start, parking in most big cities in Spain is a nightmare.

Do I need an international driving Licence for hiring a car in Spain?

If you are planning to rent a car in Spain, applying for an international driving permit is important. Spain requires foreign drivers who have a license in English to obtain an IDP prior to arriving in Spain. … Auto Europe has all your travel concerns on renting a car in Spain covered.

Is it safe to travel by car in Spain?

It is safe driving in Spain, but you need to be aware that in December you may encounter adverse weather conditions in some parts. It depends how long you have but you may find that using the train is a better option for some of the journey.

Can I hire a car with someone else’s credit card?

The renter of the vehicle must be present to sign the rental agreement and provide their credit card at the time of pick up. The renter cannot provide a credit or debit card belonging to someone else for their use.

Can you rent a car with debit card?

Yes, you can rent a car with a debit card if you are at least 25 years old and are prepared to have an authorized hold placed on your account for the duration of your reservation. Be aware that some locations don’t accept debit cards at the time of reservation but do accept them at the time of payment.

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What documents you need to rent a car?

What Documents Do You Need to Rent a Car?

  1. Driver’s License. First and foremost, when you rent a car in the United States, you will need to present an updated state-issued driver’s license. …
  2. Credit Card. …
  3. Car Insurance. …
  4. 25+ …
  5. Flight Itinerary. …
  6. The Confirmation Number. …
  7. Eye for Detail. …
  8. Borrow Instead of Rent.