Best answer: How do I get insurance on a rental car?

Can you purchase car insurance for a rental car?

If you book your car directly with the rental company online, you can buy cover for it at the same time. Or you can buy their cover when you arrive at the rental counter. (Often this is not technically insurance – it’s a waiver, which means the company waives its right to make you pay for damage.)

Do I need to purchase insurance for rental car?

No, you do not need insurance to rent a car because rental companies have their own insurance that covers their cars. Rental car companies usually provide minimum liability coverage only, so if you don’t have personal insurance, you’ll probably want to purchase extra rental car insurance through the rental company.

What insurance do you need to drive a rental car?

All car rental companies should provide you with basic insurance – usually called CDW or LDW. This typically covers damage, theft and Third Party Liability Insurance – this may vary from country to county, but generally there is a level of insurance included in the price of your car hire.

Can I rent a car without my own insurance?

Can I Rent A Vehicle Without Insurance? Yes. Rental cars automatically come with basic protection. However, the basic amount is minimal.

How much does it cost to insure a rental car?

Rental car insurance costs vary depending on the vehicle and location. But, in a word, it’s expensive — overall, prices range from $31 to $60 per day for rental insurance from these providers.

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