Frequent question: Is it expensive to insure a car in Spain?

Do I have to insure my car in Spain?

You need to insure all vehicles in Spain to at least third party liability level. This includes cars, trucks, RVs, motorbikes, and scooters. However, bicycles don’t require insurance. Anyone caught driving without insurance by Spanish police can be fined up to €3,000.

Can I insure my UK car in Spain?

British and foreign registered cars can be insured through us. British registered cars in Spain are a common sight. All motor vehicles and trailers must be insured when entering Spain.

Can you drive a car in Spain without insurance?

The Spanish law states that all owners of motor vehicles in Spain must have an insurance for each of those vehicles with at least the minimum obligatory cover required by the law. A car without insurance could incur a penalty of between 600 and around 3,000 euros.

Can you pay monthly for car insurance in Spain?

Yes, you can. However, an insurance contract is a 12 month commitment from both you and the insurer. If the insurer allows you to pay in instalments you are legally obliged to make all those instalments to cover the annual premium. … Please be aware that if you pay in instalments the overall annual premium may increase.

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How much does road tax cost in Spain?

A one-time registration tax must be paid to the municipality at the time of registering a vehicle. This tax is based on CO2 emissions, with rates ranging from 4.75% (121-159g/km) to 14.75% (200g/km or more). Once this is paid, you will have to pay an annual road tax, which is based on the vehicle’s horsepower.

What documentation do I need to buy a car in Spain?

What documentation do I need to provide?

  • Your NIE (número de identidad de extranjero) – your foreigner ID number.
  • Proof of permanency in the form of your house deeds or a rental contract for a minimum of one year.
  • A proof of residence (certificado de empadronamiento) which is no more than three months old.

How do I register a UK car in Spain?

The vehicle certification requirement to register a UK car in Spain after Brexit haven’t changed. It can still be done by way of manufacturers CoC (Certificate of Conformity), or by employing a technician to document the specification of the vehicle in a technical report ‘ficha tecnica reducida’.

How long can you drive a UK car in Spain?

The absolute maximum time a UK registered car could possibly be kept in Spain, regardless of whether you´re resident in Spain or not, is technically a year (less a few days). The DVLA deems a vehicle to be permanently exported once it has been out of the country for 12 months or more.

Do you pay road tax in Spain?

Road tax, known in Spanish as Impuesto Sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica or IVTM for short is the annual tax payable on motor vehicles registered in Spain. If you own a vehicle in Spain such as a car or motorbike then you must obtain compulsory road tax.

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Can I buy a car in Spain without residency?

You do not need to be an official resident of Spain in order to buy a car here, although you must provide proof of address in the form of a padrón (empadronamiento), a tenancy agreement or property deeds. … NIE certificates do not expire, so even an older one will allow you to purchase a car.

Do you insure a car or a driver?

Contrary to popular belief, car insurance typically follows the car — not the driver. If you let someone else drive your car and they get in an accident, your insurance company would likely be responsible for paying the claim, depending on the coverages in your policy.

What age can I drive someone else’s car?

You need to be 25 or over when the policy starts. Your car insurance policy needs to be a fully comprehensive one. The other car must have insurance already. Your car must be in a driveable state (ie, not written off).

Can anyone drive my car in Spain?

Unlike the UK, here in Spain it is the car that is insured not the driver… You can therefore drive anyone elses car provided you have their permission.

Can you drive someone else’s car in Spain?

In Spain, it is the car that is insured, not you. … If you need to drive someone else’s car, you can’t do it under your own insurance. In Spain, you can’t use your car cover to drive other cars. The owner of another car needs to ensure that you are included in their car policy.

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