How do I report someone for driving without insurance in Ontario?

Can you go to jail for driving without insurance in Ontario?

No. Driving Without Insurance in Ontario is not a criminal charge. It is an offence under the “Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act.” A conviction of Driving Without Insurance, while serious, will NOT result in a criminal charge.

What happens if you let someone drive without insurance?

Car owners who lend their vehicle to someone who drives it without valid insurance can be convicted of an IN12 offence, which is technically described as “aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks.” … Drivers can even be disqualified from driving for this offence.

How do I report a driver in Ontario?

Contact the ministry

  1. By mail:
  2. By phone: 416-235-1773 or 1-800-268-1481 (within Ontario)
  3. By fax: 416-235-3400 or 1-800-304-7889.
  4. By email:
  5. Business hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Is driving without a license a criminal offense in Ontario?

According to the Criminal Code of Canada and the laws of Ontario province driving without license is illegal and may result in severe punishments.

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What is the fine for no insurance in Ontario?

The penalties for driving with no insurance in Ontario are as follows: a fine of between $5,000 and $25,000 on a first conviction. a fine of between $10,000 and $50,000 on a 2nd or subsequent conviction.

How do police know if you have no insurance?

Police have number plate recognition cameras, so they’ll know whether a car is insured or not. … It has to be valid at the time you were stopped – you can’t just buy insurance during that seven-day period. If you think you do have valid cover, check your policy carefully as there could be an error on it.

What do police see when they run your plates Ontario?

They will see the license status of the registered owner and will pull the vehicle over. It is a crime to drive without a license and if it was suspended for a DUI the penalties are worse…

Can cops tell if you have insurance?

Can cops tell if you have insurance by running plates? Yes, they can. … These allow police to access license plate info, including insurance status, via the state database. APLR and in-car computers help cops figure out whether a particular car/driver has valid car insurance before approaching them.

Can driving without insurance give you a criminal record?

Will I get a criminal record for driving without car insurance? As driving without insurance is not an imprisonable offence, if you are found to be driving without insurance it will not be added to your criminal record.

How do I report an aggressive driver in Ontario?

How do I report an aggressive driver? Any person who witnesses a driving offence such as “aggressive driving”, can call Ottawa Police. If the incident is in progress and if the driving is serious enough that other persons – whether motorists, cyclists or pedestrians are at risk, you can call 911.

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How do I report a drug dealer in Ontario?

We ask that you become involved in your community and report drug and drug-related criminal activity to us by one of the following methods:

  1. speak directly to one of your neighbourhood police officers.
  2. telephone the Drug Squad directly at 416-808-6100.
  3. contacting Crime Stoppers anonymously by: