Should I reaffirm my car loan or get a new car?

What happens if I don’t reaffirm my car loan?

If you don’t sign a reaffirmation agreement, the lender can repossess your car after your case closes and the automatic stay lifts. … Reaffirming your car loan will provide certainty against the lender repossessing your car as long as you keep current with your payments.

Can I keep my car without reaffirming?

You can choose to keep the car and continue paying without reaffirming. You take your chances that the lender will repossess the car, but you also keep the benefits of the bankruptcy discharge.

Should I reaffirm my car?

A reaffirmation agreement can be advantageous to you because: You will keep the vehicle; You may be able to negotiate more favorable terms for the loan; and. Paying the loan can help rebuild your credit rating after bankruptcy.

Can I trade in my car after reaffirmation?

The reaffirmation agreement obliges you to pay the full amount set forth in the reaffirmation document. You can trade in your car if you get enough from it to pay off the reaffirmed debt which is not a frequent occurrence.

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How do I reaffirm my car loan after Chapter 7?

When you reaffirm a car loan in bankruptcy, you sign an agreement with the lender that you will continue to pay for the car as if you had not filed bankruptcy in exchange for keeping it. To reaffirm a car loan, you must be able to show the court that the vehicle is necessary and that the payment is reasonable.

Can a car loan be discharged?

If you don’t want to keep your financed car in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can surrender it and discharge the car loan. If you have a car loan or a car lease when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must choose whether to keep the car and continue to pay for it or surrender it and discharge (wipe out) the debt.

How soon can I buy a car after filing Chapter 7?

Ideally, you should at least wait about six months before you apply for an auto loan. That gives you time to repair your credit and rebuild credit, too. You make payments on any loans you have left to build a positive credit history. If possible, you can get a secured credit card to build more credit history faster.

What happens if a reaffirmation agreement is denied?

Either way – if the reaffirmation agreement is not approved, your personal liability is discharged. And – just like when the court denies approval of the reaffirmation – most lenders will simply keep everything the same, as long as you make timely payments and keep the vehicle insured.

How long should I keep auto loan?

You’ll also increase the chances that, when you replace your car or truck, you’ll have equity to put toward a down payment on your next one. To stay right-side up, keep your loan as short as possible, and do everything you can to avoid finance terms longer than 60 months.

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Can you cancel a reaffirmation agreement?

Yes. You can cancel (or “rescind”) your reaffirmation agreement, even if a judge has already approved it. NOTE: WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SPEAK WITH AN ATTORNEY TO ADVISE YOU ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF CANCELLING A REAFFIRMATION AGREEMENT IN YOUR CASE.

What can you do if your bank won’t pick up your car?

You could:

  1. Ask your attorney to file a motion to redeem the car for a few dollars.
  2. Offer the lender a little money to release their lien from the title.

Why is my car loan showing closed?

A creditor may close an account because you requested the closure, paid the account off or replaced it with a loan, or refinanced an existing loan. Your account may also be closed because of inactivity, late payments or because the credit bureau made a mistake.