What’s the telephone number for LV car insurance?

How do I contact LV by email?

To make a complaint by email please select the business area below and use the email address to contact us.

Business area General Insurance.

Business area Email address
General feedback carservice.complaints@lv.co.uk
Our website carservice.complaints@lv.co.uk

How do I cancel auto renewal on LV?

My renewal date is more than 30 days away…

If you have a car, classic or motorbike policy you can cancel your renewal by speaking to our motor live chat team. If you have a home, caravan or landlord policy you can cancel your renewal by speaking to our home live chat team.

How do I contact LV insurance from abroad?

If you have LV= Car Insurance, please call us from abroad on (+)44 1689 898 603. If your car is safe to drive you can continue with your journey and if your policy documents show you have Foreign use we’ll arrange for it to be repaired when you get home.

Who is my car insured with?

So call them and ask them to confirm who you’re insured with. You could also check your bank statements. Check the Motor Insurance Database. Enter your vehicle registration into the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and it’ll let you know whether your car has a valid insurance policy.

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How do I contact Louis Vuitton?

Please contact us at 1.866. VUITTON (1.866. 884.8866) to initiate your return or exchange and receive a return authorization number.

Does LV have live chat?

Yes, online live chat is available for car and home customers. We are happy to help with any questions you have about the quote form, as well as any general queries about our products or cover.

Can I cancel my insurance renewal?

How to stop your insurance auto-renewing. … Just make sure you do it in good time – if you let your policy auto-renew you’re still allowed to cancel, but you’ll probably be charged for the time you’re covered by them and an administration fee – even if you’re still in your cooling off period.

Can I extend my car insurance for a month?

The best way to go about extending your term for a month is to pay for a month’s worth of premiums when your renewal is scheduled. If you currently are billed for the entire term, you can call your agent to set up a payment plan with most carriers. You should not make this a common practice, though.

Does LV have an app?

Therefore, the app is currently available on Android smartphones with operating system version 6 and newer, as well as on iPhone smartphones with iOS operating system version 11 and newer (starting from iPhone SE and iPhone 6).